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NULS is a modular blockchain platform that utilizes a consensus protocol called Proof of Credit (POC).

The NULS blockchain distinguishes itself through its modular-based architecture, which facilitates cross-chain interoperability and customizable modules. It is designed with two main components: micro-services and functional modules. This design adheres to the programming best practice of strong cohesion and minimum coupling, encouraging the creation of NULS.

A notable feature of NULS is its hot-pluggable approach, which allows modules to be added or removed dynamically while they are in use. This enhances the flexibility and adaptability of the blockchain.

The decentralized structure of NULS empowers a business model that addresses user confidence issues while enabling users to tailor their side-chains according to their specific requirements. By abstracting complex concepts such as cryptography, consensus processes, and storage methods, NULS simplifies the development process. Developers can focus on constructing their desired applications within their skill set, without having to worry about intricate technical details.
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