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Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is a blockchain based Play to Earn interplanetary mining game.

Mines of Dalarnia redefines the gaming experience by introducing a blockchain-based gaming metaverse. Combining the excitement of gaming with the potential for real-world earnings, Mines of Dalarnia implements play-to-earn mechanics, allowing users to mine, trade, and earn rewards within the virtual ecosystem.

Players can delve into the expansive world of Dalarnia, where they can mine resources, engage in trade, and participate in various in-game activities. The blockchain underpinning Mines of Dalarnia ensures transparency, ownership of in-game assets, and the ability to trade items on external marketplaces.

The native token, DAR, fuels the in-game economy and serves as a reward mechanism for players. As users actively contribute to the virtual world, they are rewarded with DAI, creating an ecosystem where in-game success translates into tangible rewards.
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139.2M DAR (17.4%)
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328.21M DAR (41.03%)