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Maverick is a composable DEX that enables liquidity providers to achieve high capital efficiency with their desired Liquidity Providing (LP) strategy.

Maverick is a composable DeFi infrastructure empowering builders and liquidity providers. With Maverick AMM, liquidity follows price changes in arbitrary distributions. Boosted Positions attract liquidity with precision token rewards. Voting Escrow facilitates governance. Experience high capital efficiency and customizable LP strategies.

Maverick's primary aim is to become a decentralized platform owned by the community. To realize this objective, Maverick has introduced the MAV token. Holders of MAV tokens will have the ability to participate in decision-making through voting on protocol matters and can also stake their tokens to earn network fees.

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Token supply

249M MAV (12.45%)
2B MAV (100%)
64.25M MAV (3.21%)
1.94B MAV (97.25%)