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Marlin is an open protocol that delivers a high-performance, programmable network infrastructure specifically designed for Web 3.0 apps.

Marlin is an open protocol that establishes a high-performance programmable network infrastructure catering to DeFi and Web 3.0 domains. Anchoring the Marlin network are Metanodes, driving the MarlinVM. The MarlinVM offers developers a virtual router interface, enabling them to deploy customized overlays and perform edge computations.

Distinguished overlays achievable via MarlinVM encompass low-latency block multicast for blockchain scalability, streamlined mempool synchronization for arbitrageurs, intricate mesh networks, privacy-focused mixnets, and optimized device performance coupled with API caching for platforms like Infura and Alchemy.

The native utility token, POND, plays a pivotal role in the Marlin ecosystem. It powers validator nodes through staking, influences governance proposals and resource allocation, and designates network performance auditors. Additionally, POND safeguards an insurance fund to compensate users during SLA breaches.

Marlin's fundamental mission revolves around realizing a decentralized web's potential, where blockchain-secured applications match Web 2.0 performance benchmarks. Anchored in open standards, Marlin reshapes the foundations of scalability, resiliency, and decentralization at layer 0, reimagining the networking architecture underlying blockchain platforms.
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