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MahaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization aiming to empower individuals globally by safeguarding purchasing power with ARTH, the world's first Valuecoin.

MahaDAO utilizes a two-token system. The first token, ARTH, is a unique stablecoin designed to maintain its price without being pegged to government-owned currencies such as the Dollar, Euro, or Yuan. Instead, it is backed by GMU (Global Measurement Unit). The second token is the governance token called MAHA.

ARTH utilizes a vault system to manage the collateral assets that are locked to generate the token, similar to MakerDao. However, it goes beyond this concept by incorporating elements of a decentralized reserve bank. It incorporates features such as DSR (Dai savings rate), emergency shutdown, stability fees, and more, expanding on the traditional vault model.

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794.78K MAHA (7.95%)
10M MAHA (100%)
5.03M MAHA (50.29%)
5.2M MAHA (52%)