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Kyber Network is a multi-chain liquidity hub that powers KyberSwap DEX.

Kyber Network's KyberSwap is a multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator and liquidity platform. It offers traders access to the best prices across multiple blockchains while enabling liquidity providers to deposit tokens and earn fees efficiently.

In 2021, KyberSwap introduced the dynamic market maker (DMM) protocol, empowering liquidity providers with improved capital efficiency and earnings. In 2022, Kyber Network launched the next-gen AMM Elastic protocol with features like concentrated liquidity pools, customizable price ranges, and anti-sniping mechanisms, enhancing capital efficiency and slippage for liquidity providers.

KyberSwap aims to be developer-friendly, allowing easy integration of its protocols into various DeFi applications. This flexibility caters to diverse liquidity needs. KyberSwap has been integrated by various DApps and aggregators, fostering rapid innovation.

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