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JUST is a DeFi platform based on TRON blockchain providing a range of solutions, such as: JustStable, JustLend, JustSwap, and JustLink.

JUST, founded by Justin Sun in the third quarter of 2020, is a DeFi ecosystem built specifically for the TRON blockchain. The platform offers a comprehensive range of products, with a key focus on its decentralized stablecoin lending platform called JustStable.

The JUST ecosystem operates with a two-token model consisting of USDJ and JST. USDJ is a stablecoin backed by multiple collateral types, designed to maintain a value pegged to the USD. On the other hand, JST serves multiple functions within the platform. It can be used for paying interest, contributing to platform maintenance and governance, and participating in decision-making processes such as setting interest rates (stability fees) and determining the minimum collateralization ratio.

JUST provides users with an opportunity to engage in decentralized lending and stablecoin transactions on the TRON blockchain, offering a range of functionalities and incentives within its ecosystem.

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