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HTX (HT) is the native token of the cryptocurrency exchange HTX Global

Established in 2013 in Beijing, Huobi Global emerged as a prominent cryptocurrency trading platform catering to individuals within mainland China and beyond. It swiftly gained recognition as one of China's top three crypto exchanges, offering substantial liquidity to Bitcoin traders.

However, due to evolving regulatory conditions in China, Huobi had to relocate its cryptocurrency trading services overseas in 2017. The company subsequently established itself in Seychelles and established a new headquarters in Singapore, aiming to broaden its presence in other Asian markets as well as globally.

Huobi Token (HT) grants access to all Huobi products, including Huobi Global business, VIP discounts, and exclusive events. Users holding HT in the Huobi exchange wallet are entitled to trading fee discounts of up to 65%. Additionally, HT owners can participate in purchasing tokens of new projects via the Huobi Prime platform at a discounted rate before their official listing on the Huobi exchange, provided they hold a certain amount of HT.

Moreover, Huobi's PrimePool allows HT holders to earn rewards by staking their tokens. They can earn free airdrops and receive tokens from new projects listed on the platform, provided they lock their tokens for a predetermined amount of time. The amount of rewards distributed depends on the number of tokens and the period they are locked for.

HT stakers can also earn rewards by staking on the Huobi ECO (HECO) Chain, which supports smart contracts and offers a range of decentralized applications that users can engage with using HT.

Finally, holding HT gives traders the right to participate in the community-driven governance of the platform. HT owners can vote on issues such as coin listings, burning mechanisms, and other development issues related to the overall running of the platform.
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