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Holo is an open-source peer-to-peer platform that facilitates hosting and development of decentralized applications without relying on blockchain technology.

Holo is a decentralized platform that functions as a cloud hosting market for decentralized apps. It provides an ecosystem and marketplace where users and developers can easily access decentralized apps hosted by participants of the Holo network.

Instead of using the well-known term “dApps”, Holochain apps are known as hApps. Holo aims to offer a more efficient and cost-effective system for developers who are working with decentralized applications, achieving its finality without the use of consensus algorithms that are traditionally used by blockchains.

App developers utilizing Holo can enlist the assistance of willing participants to distribute their apps, ensuring resilience against single points of failure caused by device unavailability due to attacks or power outages. This decentralized approach enhances reliability and availability of the apps.
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