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Smart Contract Wallet for Futures Trading

Holdstation is an innovative Smart Contract Wallet for Futures Trading built on the zkSync Era. As one of the first wallets to adopt native Account Abstraction on zkSync, Holdstation offers users an easy-to-use platform to engage with dApps, exchange tokens across Layer 2 and EVM chains, and trade leveraged futures up to 500x within seconds. The platform ensures a secure and seamless experience for users through its full-suite Account Abstraction implementations, including Paymaster, Batch Transactions, Spending Limit, Social Recovery and more.

What sets Holdstation apart is its pioneering implementations of native Account Abstraction on zkSync. This technology enables users to experience one-click trading and the flexibility to choose diverse payment methods with the Paymaster implementation. Combined with other features such as Batch Transactions, Seedless Recovery, and Spending Limits, makes DeFi more accessible and cost-effective.

Moreover, Holdstation introduces an innovative web-based & in-app perp DEX, Holdstation DeFutures. The native Perp DEX on zkSync Era network provides users with the ability to trade futures leveraged up to 500x, with features like a Single Trading Vault, Dynamic price Feed, Various Trading Pairs, High Leverage Options, and Flexible Market Making. This unique offering eliminates the need for external exchanges and centralized platforms, providing a CEX-like experience within the decentralized ecosystem.

To conclude, Holdstation is bridging the gap between the simplicity of centralized finance (CeFi) and the security of decentralized finance (DeFi).

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