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Galxe is the largest Web3 credential data network.

Galxe is a prominent web3 community-building platform constructed on Ethereum in January 2023. Galxe empowers users to explore, engage, and contribute to a variety of Web3 projects, including DeFi, NFT, DAO, and more. Additionally, Galxe provides users with the capability to establish and oversee their digital identities, credentials, and reputations across different blockchains and platforms.

Galxe stands out with unique features, notably the Galxe ID. This digital credential feature enables users to create a universal identity applicable both on and off the chain. Users possess a username, linking their identities in web3 to their chain and wallet. Galxe ID allows users to showcase all acquired credentials and the history of their accomplishments in the web3 space.

Galxe ID incorporates Metaverse DID, allowing users to personalize their digital credentials through the Galxe ID toolkit. The project has plans to introduce additional features, expanding Galxe ID to its extensive network of partners. To establish your own Galxe ID, simply visit the Galxe ID website, connect your wallet, and set a username.

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