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‍Flow is a fast and developer-friendly Layer 1 blockchain, designed for a new generation of games, apps, and the digital assets.

Unlike other blockchains, Flow can scale without reducing the decentralization of its consensus mechanism, nor does it require sharding. This is achieved by dividing the validation stages of a transaction into four categories of nodes, each with its own specialized task: collection nodes, consensus nodes, execution nodes, and verification nodes.

Flow's use of resource-oriented programming also sets it apart. Developers can write smart contracts in Cadence, a simple and secure programming language designed for crypto-assets and apps. To make it easy for developers to learn and practice Cadence, Flow has a dedicated website.

The platform is also developer-friendly in other ways. Smart contracts can be upgraded, which allows dApps to be released in beta mode while still being refined. Flow also supports built-in logging on the Flow Emulator.

Flow is particularly noteworthy as an ""NFT blockchain,"" having overtaken other blockchains in terms of NFT transfers and sales. Several major brands have partnered with Flow to create their own NFT collections.

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