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Decentraland is an immersive metaverse platform accessible through web browsers, enabling users to acquire virtual land and engage in a distinctive virtual community.

The Decentraland community governs the entire ecosystem, where users can take advantage of the platform's function as an alternative virtual reality world to engage in buying and selling virtual property and real estate, and playing games. They can communicate, control, monetize, and develop the Decentraland metaverse to emulate reality in a digital environment. Essentially, users can use their land for anything, as long as it is in accordance with the network's features.

Decentraland has a multi-layered architecture that supports the operations and functions of the virtual reality ecosystem, allowing users to create and host applications, games, and interactive content. The first layer is the consensus layer, where a ledger is maintained that records land ownership on the platform. The content layer is responsible for controlling what happens on each piece of land, while the final layer is the real-time layer, which facilitates all social interactions within the ecosystem. Users can create avatars, communicate via voice chat and messaging, and engage in other social activities on Decentraland.
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