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Convex Finance is a DeFi-protocol that allows Curve (CRV) liquidity providers to earn a share of trading commissions on Curve without stacking liquidity on the protocol.

Convex Finance is a platform that aims to enhance the rewards earned by liquidity providers on Curve Finance (CRV). Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange that focuses on stablecoin trading, offering reduced trading fees and lower slippage compared to traditional exchanges. The CRV token serves as the native currency within the Curve ecosystem and can be earned by depositing assets into liquidity funds.

Convex Finance distinguishes itself by providing innovative solutions for liquidity providers and stakers. Unlike other similar platforms, Convex eliminates withdrawal fees and offers lower performance fees. Additionally, it does not require users to lock their CRV tokens. Convex also provides boosted reward earnings through its pools, enabling liquidity providers to earn higher returns. Moreover, the platform offers a secondary source of income by leveraging already-owned tokens.
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