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Braintrust is the decentralized talent network that connects skilled workers with the world's biggest companies.

Braintrust is a talent network designed to connect employers with qualified knowledge workers, taking into account factors such as rates, skill sets, and location. Operating on Ethereum, Braintrust is a decentralized solution that provides notable advantages compared to traditional talent-sourcing methods.

The distinctive aspect of Braintrust is that the very individuals who depend on it to secure employment are the ones who possess ownership and actively develop the network. This structure guarantees that the network consistently caters to the requirements of its users, rather than being governed by a centralized corporation.

Additionally, the Braintrust community, comprising knowledge workers and contributors, acquires ownership and control of the platform by contributing to its growth and operations through the native BTRST token. This collaborative approach has led to the rapid involvement of new talent and job opportunities within the network.
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