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Beam is an open-source blockchain specialized for gaming developed by Merit Circle.

Leveraging the Avalanche network, Beam functions autonomously to serve the needs of gamers and game developers. Beam allows developers to effortlessly deploy their games on the blockchain. It covers a wide range of functionalities, including smart contracts, gas-optimized transactions, asset management, and oracles tailored for both web2 games and marketplaces. This allows developers to concentrate on their game development without the hassle of managing these technical aspects.

Beam is empowered by the established decentralized autonomous organization, Merit Circle, driven by an ambitious mission to usher in a transformative era for the gaming realm. Anchored in its DAO structure, its core objective is to reshape the gaming landscape by affording individuals the agency to actively shape its trajectory.

Presently, Merit Circle's endeavors and offerings are strategically categorized into four distinct branches: Investments, Marketplace, Gaming, and Studios. These verticals serve as focal points for the DAO's aspirations, enabling it to enact constructive change in pivotal domains within the expansive Web3 framework.

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