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Archway is a Cosmos-native blockchain that enables developers to easily deploy high-performance dApps.

Archway is a Proof of Stake blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK and developed within Tendermint. It supports WASM smart contract execution, making it multilingual and compatible with Web3 through its API. The inclusion of multichain communication significantly expands its capabilities. Archway utilizes modified modules such as Minting, CosmWasm, Distribution, Staking, Group, and Governance Cosmos to manage its inflation and reward system.

The primary goal of Archway is to streamline the development process for projects by providing tools for creating decentralized applications. The platform believes in the advantages of initiating a dApp through a central logic, such as a smart contract, rather than constructing the logic as a standalone Cosmos blockchain. This approach is expected to result in reduced economic, time, and production costs for developers.
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