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0x is a DeFi protocol that empowers decentralized exchanges, facilitating peer-to-peer token exchange on the Ethereum blockchain.

0x uses common smart contracts over a shared infrastructure. Its technology combines two strategies—state channels and automated market markers - that have already been suggested to overcome these problems.

By sharing liquidity among decentralized exchanges built on the 0x protocol, 0x addresses the liquidity challenge and creates more demand and supply on these exchanges. The protocol leverages smart contracts, state channels, and automated market makers to enhance trading efficiency and reduce transaction costs.

With the native token, ZRX, users can pay trading fees and participate in the governance of 0x by proposing and voting on protocol updates. The long-term vision of 0x is to tokenize various types of assets on the Ethereum network, ushering in a future of frictionless peer-to-peer asset exchange.

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Token supply

900M ZRX (90%)
1B ZRX (100%)
100M ZRX (10%)
900M ZRX (90%)