❗️Dear community, CryptoDiffer will hold 5 AMA sessions during June 14th-28th in the CryptoDiffer Telegram Chat!

▪️ CoinFantasy on June 14th, 12:00 PM UTC ($100 USDT Rewards)

▪️ DeFiato on June 16th, 11:00 AM UTC ($100 USDT Rewards)

▪️ Mainline on June 21st, 4:00 PM UTC ($100 USDT Rewards)

▪️ Sturdy on June 23rd, 3:30 PM UTC ($100 USDC Rewards)

▪️ Unique VC on June 28th, 2:00 PM UTC ($1000 in UNQ Rewards)

(Questions from previous AMAs are strictly forbidden and people will be disqualified from participating in the reward distribution.)

CHAT 🗣 https://t.me/joinchat/Brbs51k5cWoRBKtsgmb6Ew