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Highlights on Ian Balina AMA with New Spreadsheet Rankings


The best project from my personal opinion based on just token metrics and everything is MultiVAC. MultiVAC is an amazing project, everything is good, however, it's not a hall-of-fame. It has an all-star team and all-star advisors, great token metrics, but the issue with the project is the bonus. I mean the seed round investors got 50%, the bonus has a lockup for three months. But I’ve done 2 projects with 50% bonus and lock-ups and still got dumped on. If you're part of the seed round and you got 50% bonus, on the third month everybody else who's on a seed round will gonna DUMP.

Wait for rebound. There will be an opportunity to explore getting into the project near ICO price or possibly even below ICO price.

I think it's a great project I just think I don't plan to participate at this point in time.

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Tel Aviv (Code Name) - Chromaway

Tel Aviv (Code Name) - This one will be revealed soon. unfortunately this one will probably gonna be a private sale only. I will be investing in this one. I’m planning to advise them.
A hint - one of the Co-Founders is from Tel Aviv.

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Tolar is number three on my spreadsheet. They have big news, they are changing their hard cap, their hard cap is now under 20 million. So Tolar score has been updated as a result it moved from being a STARTER ICO to an ALL-STAR ICO. It is also a blockchain.

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  • Belarus (Code Name) - This one is interesting, it’s not a blockchain, but I think it’s something that’s a big issue in crypto. I’ve been following it for a while since Korea, so probably over six months of research. We do have plans to advise them.

  • Tutto Bene (Code Name) - This one is also a blockchain and their ICO is actually happening right now. I did hang out with the team in Russia for two weeks. These guys were my hosts in Russia.
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PDX signed the contract with the transportation sharing chain will cover 100 cities, to the moon?

Initially I was bullish on PDX but they’re not really gonna be launching until the next year in terms of the actual product. They have an All-Star team but based to the roadmap I was not bullish. Their CEO is very confident but I didn’t not touch it. To the moon? I don’t know.
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Will Sparkster 10x?

I hope so. I am Bullish on Sparkster as I mentioned. I did invest and it was a HALL OF FAME ICO. 10 X would be amazing in this market, but I mean I would just be comfortable with not losing money, 2-3x will be good.

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Any opinion on Certik?

I passed on it, might because of the team. I look for a minimum two all-star members on a team.

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Am I still bullish on Zebi?

I was bullish on it but, unfortunately, they got into a crappy exchange. I’ll meet CEO in India and I’ll give you some updates and news. I was bullish until 10x, so it already fulfilled it’s destiny so to speak.
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Most undervalued coins with big potential?

  • Loom Network still has a lot of potentials. It's been performing fairly well for a project in the bear market.

  • Do not sleep on KuCoin Shares.

  • Pundi X is one of my larges holdings and with this 7% bonus every month it’s paradise in this bear market.

  • I keep hearing that Ontology could be replacing NEO as a platform for China.

  • Zilliqa has a room to grow especially in Q4 ones, it starts launching ICOs.

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Why are you bullish on AERGO if no-one could invest in it, who cares even?

As mentioned before Loom Network. ICO price was 7-8 cents. When it came out it launched on IDEX and you had an opportunity to get it around ICO price to have 7x in two months in the bear market. This was a private sale project.
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Belarus is Spatium. But I’m still doing some research on it. I want to test their IOS app. It’s not officially yet All-Star ICO.
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What’s going on with Nucleus Vision?

They are hosting International Blockchain Congress in India. I’ll be there. They should be having some updates. I’m also not pleased with the price but it’s not gone below private price. It has underperformed but hopefully, I’ll get some answers and give you some updates.
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Top coins to pick from the market around ICO price that can do 10x from now?

  • IoTeX, haven’t purchased it but scored it highly.

  • Loom Network.

  • Phantasma is the project that I still like, they are rebranding to the blockchain and launching a game on their platform. I’m advising them so obviously I’m biased, do your own research. But 7 million for the blockchain, even 10x will bring them only to 70 mil.
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Please share your opinion on DApp on NEO.

I am not into DApps, but even more I’m not into DApps on NEO they are not doing great. Most of the developers I know say that NEO is not ready for DApps yet, their marketing is ahead of their actual development.
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My opinion about OneLedger?

It was All-Star team, but I didn’t like their roadmap, it basically was a white paper ICO.
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What do I think about ChromaWay?

I think it’s amazing, All-Star team, All-Star advisers. One of their Co-Founders is from Colored Coins, and Vitalik was working with them and then left and created Ethereum. Our team is working on an official report so stay tuned.
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OhHeyMatty and Cryptobud are bullish on BTC they think it’s going to run hard in the next bull run and alts will follow after BTC stops running. Should we sell alts go all into BTC?

I don’t personally hold BTC and all I own is ETH. I would dump my poof-performing altcoins into ETH and get into nice ICOs, they could do 10x and Bitcoin could go from 7k to 21k to do 3x.
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How does the SEC's decision approving or disapproving a Bitcoin ETF affect their future decisions and regulations for the crypto space?

It's a bullish sign if they do provide ETF. So if they finally say yes, it's kind of like they're caving in into believing in crypto and Bitcoin and it's a positive sign.

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PikcioChain, LendingBlock, Phantasma are below the ICO price, is this a new pattern?

I mean it's not been good. I think the pattern is that LendingBlock and Phantasma both had 50% bonuses, even though they had lockups, I don't think going back to what I talked about with a MultiVAC in a bear market. The selling pressure was too immense for them.

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Skale Labs

Skale Labs, we passed on that one. During our research on them, the team was not full-time, there was a part-time team I believe, and to us, that was a red flag.

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Wanchain, RChain, Nebulas, POA, Zilliqa - the project you most bullish on?


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