Published 22 May by Cryptodiffer Team

So let's just start with our first article. So our first article is essential "Here's how the Bitcoin Cash Block Upgrade Works". So recently Bitcoin Cash put out an upgrade, it was more of a marketing ploy. They were essentially saying that they were raising the block size from 8 megabytes to 32 megabytes. This would allow them to quote-unquote scale into the future. But if someone at had mentioned the not only was there some controversy with raising the block size as there always will be with these Bitcoin force and main Bitcoin core and all that stuff.

But as many assumed the miners on Bitcoin Cash right now, currently are not actually using anywhere near 32 megabytes per second. They're actually closer to one megabyte per second they, haven't even really been hitting the threshold of 8 megabits per second. This really sets the tone for a longer kind of a longer view, if the miners ever need to be able to excel to that type of speed but for in the meantime then the pretty much near to mid future everything should be around one megabyte on at least less than 8.

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Next article I wanted to highlight just briefly: "Ethereum could be the next Apple" says Steve Wozniak. So I think you know Vitalic is introducing a number of technological changes that will help push cryptocurrency forward into the future.

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Kind of the newsmaker of the day is Tron. So the main that is within sight I believe the Mainnet will be slated for May 31st. That'll be the release that's when Tron we'll be separating from the Ethereum network over the past day it's gone up since 16% as a news time or since the articles were written. I'm just bending up 60% gain over the last 30 days. So the Tron VM will launch on May 25th that'll be about six days prior to the Mainnet launch, and the goal of that is to enable a complete compatibility with the EVM or the transition. They've recently moved into the ninth spot on coinmarket cap, I believe their system will be enabled for adapts to be built on Ethereum to seamlessly switch to Tron. From June 1st to the 24th will be the testing period of the Mainnet for the Genesis block on June 25th. Right now Tron is trying to offer 10k TPS.

So I think that Tron will definitely prosper in them in the meantime, it's getting a lot of height from the market and it's also looking at ways that they could really eat into a theory of market cap. And in the current state Ethereum really can't do anything about it because they're still stuck at like 10 to 20 TPS.

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So I found a retic article on the AION network that whatever "The 10 reasons why the perfect storm is brewing for AION". I don't necessarily agree with all of them but I did want to highlight some of the more important points that we'll get into right now.

So the first point that I thought that was interesting was the ERC20 token swath to be announced soon for exchanges Ethereum AION cross chain bridge is already built and was showcased live at the AION X and Ed Kahn. So a release should be imminent according to this author the AION team has grown to sixty members and plans to grow to 100. AIONs github activity was actually ranked recently within the top 10 platforms by the DARPA rating and crypto Mesa websites. So at the AION conference it was announced that major partners like Deloitte TMS and TD Bank and others are slowly moving their blockchain infrastructure to AION these are major players in the space even outside of crypto so this is obviously a bolster of confidence and goes towards the author of the articles idea of why the perfect storm is brewing for them.

So AION a founding board member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance and it makes it easier to form future partnerships with companies like Microsoft Intel and JPMorgan. AIONs co-founder Matt spoke is actually a FinTech advisor to the Ontario Securities Commission and Ministry of Finance.

And then finally the TRS is coming to an end soon. So no longer will tokens begin distributed into the ecosystem outside of any of the normal functionality on the blockchain you know with a distribution of certain things. So anytime that that ends up happening people are gonna be like okay well there's no more tickets coming into the ecosystem. So now scarcity built-in and there's a potential for supply and demand. So I thought that was pretty awesome AION looking to brew as the author mentioned it's the perfect storm

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We're looking at "eToro recently performed a study that said Ripple is among the most popular investments among new male investors that are dominating the crypto market".

From theirs from their study of their research and obviously you should be doing multiple researchers to get consensus. But from their study about 82% of the people studied were inexperienced is investing and maybe only a small portion of 7.38 percent of the data set identified people as advanced investment experience. Other thing that was very shocking is that male investors dwarf female investors from 91.5% to to 8.5%.

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So moving on to the next article here, we're looking at "Wall Street cryptocurrency trading is imminent, former JPMorgan exec says". So moving on to the next article here, we're looking at "Wall Street cryptocurrency trading is imminent, former JPMorgan exec says".

So the interview focuses on Amber Baldet, she was a former JPMorgan employee who also believes that big banks will soon start trading cryptocurrency according to a CNBC article. She believes that it's closer than what people think, she says that Wall Street has already announced plans to establish a Bitcoin trading service which is true. We were looking at some of that just within the last week she lays out kind of a framework to say that from the main challenges our lack of argot or regulatory clarity problems concerning custodial services. She also points out that Nomura and Coinbase announced last week that they will be launching crypto custodial solutions to be able to make that transition a lot easier.

I definitely see a day where I'll be able to have my bank perform trades from my bank account in cryptocurrency. I also think that there will be a day where banks adopt the holding cryptocurrency, so I think from a high-level banks holding on to your cryptocurrency and taking responsibility defeats the entire purpose of cryptocurrency, the entire purpose of cryptocurrency is that you own your money and you're entitled to it if you're, if the bank held your money, then that means government institutions can come and put you know liens against your bank and/or people could put liens get your banking and take your money within the system. But I think that people don't understand is there comes a point between idealism and realism right and for adoption and acceptance those two points need to come together in a cohesive manner.

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So I want to go to the last article, so this was a this was an article by CrowdConscious who I will now follow on Medium. He put out 11 NEO-based tokens you probably have not heard of yet now. I've heard of a number of these and I'm sure there are some that you might have heard of as well.

1) So the first the first token that they mentioned here is called Narrative Network. It's a social media platform and content distribution network for content creators. They're big sales pitches that they're going to be providing 85% of the revenue split between the community. It's an interesting idea but social media platforms are to me a dime a dozen and I think Narrative Network could be positioned for something with the revenue share but it'd be something that I'd had to look into.

2) Senno - it's essentially a predictive analytics through crowd sentiment analysis. I first I thought this was a weird idea but then I you know really kind of pinned it with Augur and Augur having such a high market cap. So I will definitely be looking at the Senno and potentially bringing a more in-depth review. I think it's very exciting considering there isn't really a ton about predictive analytics in the space currently I think so no on NEO.

3) Aphelion Exchange this is a product that I had originally passed on. It's essentially a p2p multi-chain decentralized exchange they just recently finished their crowd let crowd sale and released a desktop wallet.

4) Sora coin I passed on this was an eSports gaming platform. You guys know that I'm not really big on these sports gaming platforms personally.

5) Effect AI this is something that I really took a lot of time to think about. But there was definitely some issues with the grading which I'll bring up at a later point but is essentially the breakdown would Effect AI is it's a decentralized network for AI to human relations they work themselves in three different phases.

6) The next project is called Alchemint as another project I think I passed on. The decentralized price scalable cryptocurrency management system the goal is to make using digital assets easier for the average consumer while offering financial services as well.

7) There's also Guardium, this is a global decentralized Emergency Response system. It didn't really look too interesting to me I was kind of weirded out by what the hell this even was.

8) Finally, the big boy in the room, which everyone is well aware of is nOS nas wants to offer a virtual OS brand-new and transparent Internet. They do have an MVP available on their github, in the token generation event is slated for q3 2018. To the moon!!!

9) The next product full disclaimer is something that I have personally invested in - it's called Phantasma protocol. So it's the next-gen content distribution it will enable content ownership and distribution in a way that is interoperable with the existing systems in a secure way essentially owned by the users it's a low market cap on neo and it has a lot of hype surrounded.

10) The next is the Thor Token, something I passed on which I originally thought was a cool idea, but I don't think that we're ready. It's more of what Kent blockchain do for me type of project Thor token is connecting business and independent contractors.

11) Moonlight is the complement of Thor but for employees essentially I ended up passing on moonlight though I do think that there's a possibility if that could burn me.

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