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Icetea Labs is a technology company focused on developing decentralized applications (dApps) and infrastructure solutions using blockchain technology. The company is based in Singapore and aims to provide user-friendly and scalable blockchain solutions for businesses and developers.

Icetea Labs leverages the Icetea blockchain, which is their own blockchain platform designed to support the development and deployment of dApps. The platform is built on a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, which enables fast transaction processing and high throughput.

The company offers various tools and services to facilitate the development of dApps on the Icetea blockchain. This includes a software development kit (SDK), developer tools, and documentation to assist developers in creating and deploying their decentralized applications.

Icetea Labs also provides support and consulting services to businesses interested in leveraging blockchain technology. They offer guidance on implementing blockchain solutions, integrating existing systems with blockchain, and exploring potential use cases.

The company is actively involved in the blockchain community, organizing events, workshops, and hackathons to promote blockchain adoption and knowledge sharing. They collaborate with other industry players and engage with developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to foster innovation within the blockchain space.
Location: SG
Year of foundation: 2019