02 Oct 202312:47
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Crypto Events Recap, September 30 - October 2

Crypto Events Recap, September 30 - October 2


Announced the launch of governance via nomination pools and token bonding within the Enjin wallet app. Simultaneously, Enjin launched an early Governance Rewards Program with a total of 250M ENJ rewards that will be distributed to all eligible participants in January 2024.


Vitalik Buterin released a blog post outlining his opinion on adding certain protocols to Ethereum’s code versus keeping them “on top” of it. The protocols discussed include account abstraction protocol ERC-4337, ZK-EVMs, private mempools, code precompiles, and liquid staking.


Announced FET listing on ByBit. Deposits are already live. Trading will commence on October 3rd, 10:00 AM UTC.


Introduced veINSUR and V2 Tokenomics with a time lock mechanism. The longer you lock INSUR, the more veINSUR you earn.

Lybra Finance

Launched Lybra DAO allowing users to submit/vote on governance proposals. Moreover, Lybra "Governance" Discord channel is now live.


Obtained a key regulatory license in Singapore paving the way to offer a wide range of Digital Payment Token.


Dapp revenue has surged to new heights while its Total Value Locked (TVL) grew to over 30,000 ETH on October 2nd.


Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of FTX, is headed to court this Tuesday for the start of his trial on fraud and money-laundering charges.


Criticized the SEC for bypassing the standard rulemaking procedures in its current legal action against Binance.


OKX announced the integration of Credefi lending platform into its ecosystem.