26 Sep 202213:13
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Crypto Events Recap, September 24-26

Crypto Events Recap, September 24-26

dotmoovsReleased major update dotmoovs 2.0 with multiple updates in the app. (source)

CardanoCardano Vasil upgrade and hard fork have finally gone live. (source)

MonkeyLeagueHas partnered with the Italian Serie A football league champions, AC Milan. (source)

CoinbaseSued by Veritaseum Capital LLC, which alleges that the crypto exchange has infringed on a patent. (source)

BinanceTo implement Terra Classic (LUNC) burn mechanism on trading fees. (source)

AppleAdding standardizing acceptance of NFT-based apps on the App Store with 30% transaction fees for all transactions. (source)

InterpolHas issued a red notice for the arrest of Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon. (source)

Nakamoto GamesHas launched its native decentralized exchange with multi-chain ambition. (source)

AxelarTo be listed on Huobi Global, CoinList Pro, MEXC, and Gate on September 27th. (source) (source) (source)

BloktopiaPartnered with Animal Concerts and added Animal Concerts HQ to its metaverse. (source)