22 Sep 202313:38
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Crypto Events Recap, September 21-22

Crypto Events Recap, September 21-22


Introduced Pessimism, an open-source monitoring system designed to enhance security oversight across the Optimism ecosystem.


Announced the Chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) launch on Arbitrum One mainnet.

Vara Network

Vara (VARA), Layer-1 decentralized network powered by the Gear Protocol, token has been listed on Coinbase Exchange.


Suspending its services in the UK ahead of new crypto rules set to be enforced by the country’s financial regulator next month.

Alchemy Pay

Expanding its global presence after securing a major payment license, Money Transmitter License, in the United States.


Stops offering Truffle and Ganache web3 developer tools as it shifts focus to MetaMask Snaps and its software development kit.

Proof of Play

The crypto gaming company has closed its $33M seed funding round co-led by a16z crypto and Greenoaks.

Google Cloud

Added 11 new blockchains to BigQuery data analytics service including Avalanche, Arbitrum, Cronos and other.

MILC Platform

Announced a partnership with Numbers Protocol that provides content verification for AI-powered companies and creativity tools.


Selling 116M OP (2.7% of supply) in a private sale split among seven purchasers, for treasury management purposes.

Nakamoto Games

Announced NAKAVERSE 2.0 update launch on Q1 2023 that will see FPS Shooter game launch.

Stader Labs

Launched its “Liquid Restaked Token,” rsETH, on testnet to amplify ether staking rewards.