21 Sep 202212:28
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Crypto Events Recap, September 20-21

Crypto Events Recap, September 20-21

Coin98Launched its native stablecoin to build a strong foundation of use cases for CUSD within the Coin98 Ecosystem. (source)

WintermuteHas been hacked for about $160M in DeFi operations. CeFi and OTC operations are not affected. (source)

Binance LabsMade a strategic investment in Salus to bolster the Web3 security quality. (source)

NasdaqPreparing to launch an institutional crypto custody service, in the move to be a service provider in the crypto space rather than facilitate the trading of crypto. (source)

SardineRaised $51.5M in a Series B funding round from a16z, Visa, Google Ventures, ING Ventures, and others. (source)

OpenSeaTo begin supporting the Layer 2 scaling network Arbitrum. (source)

Coinbase WalletAnnounced the partnership with ENS Domains to create Coinbase wab3 usernames. (source)

GamiumReleased most agrestal Neighborhood of Gamium, which stands out for its beautiful forests, Sena. (source)

ArbitrumPaid a code bounty hunter 400 ETH for finding a bridge vulnerability between Ethereum and Arbitrum Nitro. (source)

Yellow CardRaised $40M in the Series B funding round from Polychain Capital, Valar Ventures, Sozo Ventures, and others. (source)

MonkeyLeagueAnnounced the launch of MonkeyPlayer NFT Breeding feature on October 26th. (source)

CoinbaseListed Injective (INJ), Pundi X (PUNDIX) & XMON (XMON) on September 20th. (source)

SparksterSparkster and its CEO Sajjad Daya agreed to pay more than $35M to harmed investors in a settlement with the U.S. (source)

BENQIAnnounced the release of Phase 1 of veQI - Vote-escrowed QI. veQI is a representation of a user’s voting power for staked AVAX delegations for Avalanche Validators through BENQI Liquid Staking. (source)