19 Sep 202213:27
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Crypto Events Recap, September 17-19

Crypto Events Recap, September 17-19

The SandboxAnnounced the launch of Dubaiverse, a metaverse in Dubai. Other planned location-based metaverses are in the works for Singapore, Korea, and Turkey. (source)

WhiteBITPartnered with Netflix to enable users to pay for a subscription to Netflix with crypto by the end of 2022. (source)

EndoraLunaverse is rebranding as Endora. Announced the new token launch in Q1 2023, in parallel with Endora (Alpha) launch. (source)

NuLinkAnnounced the launch of testnet "Horus", along with an exciting reward program for the community. (source)

BinanceMisallocated roughly $20 million of Helium’s HNT token to its users due to an accounting bug. (source)

LootMogulReceived a share subscription facility of up to $200M for a 36-month term along with an equity exchange listing. (source)

GMXTrader manipulated the prices of AVAX on GMX DEX, taking profits of upwards of $500K by utilizing a strategy that exploited a basic loophole. (source)

KuCoin LabsAnnounced a joint incubation of BidShop.io with Republic Capital, a startup to generate additional liquidity streams for NFT holders. (source)

Do KwonS. Korean authorities ask Interpol to issue Red Notice for Terra co-founder Do Kwon. (source)

WidiLandExpanded to Solana chain. Held the NFT Mint on Fractal and listed WSO token on Raydium. (source)