02 Sep 202212:53
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Crypto Events Recap, September 1-2

Crypto Events Recap, September 1-2

ArbitrumReleased its Nitro upgrade bringing gas fees on Arbitrum to as low as $0.02. (source)

LG ElectronicsAnnounced plans to launch Wallypto, a Hedera-based crypto wallet. (source)

CelsiusFiles to reopen withdrawals for a minority of customers. (source)

zkLinkAnnounced the upcoming launch of ZKEX.com, a multi-chain order book DEX. (source)

KyberSwapSuffered a frontend exploit that resulted in the theft of $265,000 in user funds. (source)

Wilder WorldLaunched the 3rd Trinity NFT Giveaway with 3 Genesis NFTs rewards pool. (source)

Near ProtocolNEAR token has been listed on Coinbase on September 1st. (source)

IndonesiaAnnounced plans to launch a crypto stock market by the end of this year. (source)

OpenSeaAnnounced that it will only support Ethereum Proof Of Stake network after Merge. (source)

Babylon FinanceAnnounced it will shutter operations due to losses suffered from the Rari Capital hack. (source)

ConsenSysReleasing a series of “green” NFTs to celebrate the Ethereum upgrade. (source)

Roche FreedmanKyle Roche has withdrawn from Tether, Bitfinex, Tron, and Binance suits after the Crypto Leaks post. (source)

Binance LabsLed a seed investment round for Space ID, a universal naming service network that connects people, assets, and dApps. (source)

Crypto.comPulled out of $495M Sponsorship Deal with European Champions League due to bear market. (source)

DecentralandCrypto bank Sygnum announced the launch of the metaverse hub in Decentraland on September 27. (source)