09 Oct 202312:42
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Crypto Events recap, October 7-9

Crypto Events recap, October 7-9


Developers of a social protocol have earned nearly $20M since the platform’s launch. Released in August, FriendTech is a platform that allows users to link their Twitter accounts and facilitates the purchase or sale of influencer profile tokens (named “keys”) with ETH on Base.


Gary Wang, FTX’s cofounder, testified that the exchange had been using random numbers to generate the size of its insurance fund — approximately 7,500 — multiplied by the platform's daily volume and then divided by one billion to determine the amount of cash added to the fund.


$40M of assets has been withdrawn from Hegic development fund address, likely as a result of a private key leak.


Vitalik Buterin published a technical paper "Protocol and staking pool changes that could improve decentralization and reduce consensus overhead".


Hacker returned the stolen funds of 4,999 ETH ($8.2M). Exchange has paid the hacker a “whitehat bonus” of 250 ETH.


The mining machine manufacturer has decided to suspend the payment of part of the salary of all employees in September.

Stars Arena

Hacked for ~$3 million worth of AVAX tokens on October 6th and announced today that it has secured the funding to cover the $3M hole.


Revealed that it lost around $461,000 worth of funds from its Treasury due to a misdirected transfer.


Announced the launch of its Portal P2P Layer 2 DEX Private Beta. Waitlist Sign-Up is now live.


Announced that Google Cloud will join its major conference xDay2023 as a main partner.