01 Nov 202315:14
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Crypto Events Recap, October 31 - November 1

Crypto Events Recap, October 31 - November 1


Launched mainnet and conducted TIA token initial listing on multiple exchanges including Binance, KuCoin, and others.


Broke a world record - more than 42M transactions were sent in a 12-minute test, with an average speed of 108,409 tps.

Ninety Eight

Coin98 Finance, the builders of Coin98 Wallet, rebranding to Ninety Eight, reflecting its expanded vision and product scope.


Starts charging trading fees starting today and will allow HFT stakers to receive a portion of these fees.

Pyth Network

Unveiled a retrospective cross-chain airdrop, targeting over 75,000 wallets across 27 chains and more than 200 dapps.

Ruby Protocol

Launched a new Ruby Protocol SDK to offer a highly affordable and customizable way to build foolproof crypto.


Announced the launch of the first 3D Avatar PFP NFTs to pilot Digital Avatars of Destruction for the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.


DAO has voted in favor of the investment of 3M $UNI ($12M) for a 20% share in Ekubo, in a temperature check.


Google Cloud’s BigQuery has integrated Solana, offering enhanced insights into the blockchain’s archival data and analytics.


Telegram bot used to snipe trades on Uniswap, was exploited for roughly $650k in various memecoins.


Starknet Foundation is allocating 50M of its yet-to-be-released STRK tokens to early ecosystem contributors.


Experienced an exploit, resulting in a loss of over $2.1 million, through an integer rounding vulnerability and a flash loan.