28 Oct 202212:16
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Crypto Events Recap, October 27-28

Crypto Events Recap, October 27-28

Frax FinanceEntered the ETH liquid staking war with a model that allows users to earn above-average staking yields. (source)

TwitterTesla CEO Elon Musk closed his deal to buy Twitter at the price of $44B, or $54.20 per share. (source)

UnCaged StudiosAnnounced the launch of UnCaged Studios’ platform governance token, SCORE. (source)

THORChainHalted its platform due to an unknown bug, and no issues of insolvency were reported. (source)

Consensys Launched an employee-led DAO that will take charge of issuing grants with a $2.4M annual budget. (source)

FTXSam Bankman-Fried has stated that the company is working on the launch of its native stablecoin. (source)

OsmosisOSMO token has been listed on Binance under OSMO/BTC, OSMO/BUSD & OSMO/USDT pairs. (source)

Bloсkсhаin.соmLaunched a Visa debit card, allowing its users to pay in crypto or fiat, getting 1% crypto cashback. (source)Google CloudAnnounced the launch of its blockchain node-hosting service. (source)

MonkeyLeagueLaunched NFT Breeding season available only to MonkeyPioneers and held on Magic Eden. (source)

The SandboxAnnounced the integration of PlayboyNFTs to its metaverse. (source)

RevolutTo allow customers using crypto to make everyday payments with their cards starting next month. (source)