26 Oct 202211:59
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Crypto Events Recap, October 25-26

Crypto Events Recap, October 25-26

Near ProtocolWinding down its USN stablecoin and launching $40M USN Protection Program. (source)

BNB ChainAnnounced the launch of a $10M fund to support project growth on the blockchain. (source)

PancakeSwapApproved DEX launch on Aptos via governance vote with 98% approval. (source)

GameFiLaunched GAFI Staking pool in the Initial Fan Offering for 6 shortlisted web3 gaming projects. (source)

Merit Circle Voted to burn 200M of its native MC tokens, worth $147M, to reduce the circulating supply. (source)

ItheumPartnered with AshSwap to bring Defi Passport into AshSwap’s Ecosystem. (source)

ClearpoolAnnounced the launch of a single borrower pool launched by LedgerPrime on its DeFi protocol. (source)

Binance LabsLed a pre-seed investment for Ancilla, Inc. to support innovations in Web3 security. (source)MastercardAnnounced a partnership with BitOasis for the launch of crypto-linked cards. (source)

AxelarWrapped Axelar (WAXL) has been listed on Coinbase on October 25th. (source)

BithumbLee Jung-hoon, former Bithumb chairman, may face eight years in prison for alleged $70M fraud. (source)

BHero LaunchpadAnnounced a BNB Chain integration into BH Network Web3 Hub and BHero Launchpad. (source)