23 Oct 202315:29
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Crypto Events recap, October 21-23

Crypto Events recap, October 21-23


Bitcoin’s dominance in the cryptocurrency market has surged to over 49%, its highest level in more than two years. BTC dominance has experienced a steady rise, moving from approximately 38% at the start of this year to reach 48.85% on October 21, marking the highest level since April 2021.


Announced that Binance Visa Debit Card services will close down in the European Economic Area (EEA) on December 20th, 2023. Recently, Mastercard ended its partnership in Latin America and Bahrain with Binance in September, due to the regulatory environment.


Blocked users in the UK from accessing the site due to "Compliance Concerns" over

FCA regulations.

Coinbase Cloud

Announced it will become a validator on the dYdX Chain. The move is a major step toward dYdX’s goal of full decentralization.


Announced integration with Space ID. SPACE ID .bnb/.arb name service is now available on the Kattana Trading Platform.


Deutsche Telekom has entered the world of Web3 by becoming a validator on the MultiversX Network.


Bought 1 Million barrels of crude oil settled in e-CNY at the Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange.

Gnosis Chain

TVL on Gnosis Chain has doubled from $75M to approximately $150M after MakerDAO's Spark Protocol expansion.


The crypto exchange lost 12.2M XRP ($6M) due to exploit. A hacker sent XRP through OKX, WhiteBIT and 2 non-custodial exchanges.


Hybrid crypto exchange GRVT has unveiled launch as 1st 'hyperchain' (combines the benefits of CEX and DEX) in zkSync ecosystem.