08 Nov 202313:59
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Crypto Events Recap, November 7-8

Crypto Events Recap, November 7-8

The Graph

Unveiled its new roadmap detailing an expansion of The Graph’s ability to serve web3’s growing demands for data access.


Crypto exchanges Gate and KuCoin are planning to list Sats — a memecoin based on the Ordinals BRC-20 token standard


Deployment of MultiversX infrastructure is now available to millions of developers on the AWS marketplace.

Trust Wallet

Introduced Wallet as a Service (WaaS) designed for a broad range of clients, from Web3 natives to startups and traditional businesses.


Announced the launch of CMC Labs – A Web3 Startup Accelerator Program, designed to connect builders to the global stage.

Nil Foundation

Announced the launch of =nil;, a ZK-Rollup, a type of Layer 2 network on Ethereum featuring sharding technology.


Launched a 12-week liquidity and trading stimulus programme with a 12 million ARB (~$13 million) allocated from Arbitrum DAO.


SK Telecom has announced a partnership with Aptos and Atomrigs Lab to further develop its newly launched T wallet.


Unveiled plans to stop supporting Cosmos transactions and focus solely on EVM-based transactions.


Modular blockchain "data availability" solution to rival the recently launched Celestia, launches 'incentivized testnet'


Launched Binance Messenger, which is suspected to be a chat app, on the Apple Store.


The issuer of the USDC stablecoin, is reportedly considering going public early in 2024.