25 Nov 202214:50
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Crypto Events Recap, November 24-25

Crypto Events Recap, November 24-25

BinanceAnnounced plans to launch a $1B fund aimed at backing afflicted projects. (source)

ConsenSysCollects the IP and Ethereum wallet address of users by default when they use MetaMask. (source)


Launched a $300M fund targeting early-stage crypto & web3 startups. (source)

REI NetworkReleased new DAO Proposal to perform "Better POS" Hard Fork. (source)

1inch Introduced a new feature designed to protect against a type of frontrunning. (source)

MatrixportTargeting $100 million in funding at a $1.5 billion funding value. (source)

Binance.USAnnounced plans to make a fresh bid for crypto lender Voyager Digital. (source)

ArdanaHalts development citing funding. The project closed a $10M round led by 3AC last year. (source)

BybitLaunched a $100M fund to support its institutional clients. (source)

AcrossRaised $10M in a token sale round backed by Hack VC, Placeholder, and Blockchain Capital. (source)