17 Nov 202314:17
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Crypto Events Recap, November 16-17

Crypto Events Recap, November 16-17


Disclosed its plans to become a major BTC miner and invest ~$500M in the development of its mining facilities in the next 6 months. Tether is building Bitcoin mines in Uruguay, Paraguay, and El Salvador. Its target is to grow its share of the total computing power to run the Bitcoin network to 1%.


The largest DEX aggregator on Solana by swap volume unveiled a retrospective token airdrop program to reward early users. 40% of the total token supply will be allocated to the community over 4 rounds of airdrops. The eligibility list for the first airdrop includes 955k wallets from a snapshot taken on November 2nd.

Aave Companies

Parent entity over Aave, Lens, and other brands rebranded to Avara and acquired web3 startup Los Feliz Engineering.


Rolled out the 1inch Portfolio, offering users the possibility to get data and detailed analytics of their assets on a single screen.


Announced the launch of Didit v2.0 along with the new website. To celebrate the launch started a "Pre-Christmas Sprint" in Zealy.


Launched the Stage 2 testnet for validators and restackers allowing operators to register and begin validating.


Announced the launch of an open source on-chain payment protocol currently supporting Ethereum, Polygon and Base


The world's largest asset manager, files for a spot Ethereum ETH exchange-traded fund with the SEC.


Announced plans to launch ZK Layer 2 by utilizing Polygon's CDK as the backend infrastructure.


Revealed plans to start crypto exchange in Thailand through a joint venture with Gulf Energy.