02 Nov 202214:20
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Crypto Events Recap, November 1-2

Crypto Events Recap, November 1-2

OGL: Original Gamer LifeAnnounced the release of its brand new website: OGL.gg. (source)

ReapRaised $40M in funding from Acorn Pacific Ventures, Arcadia Funds, HashKey Capital and others. (source)

CentrifugeRaised $4M in a strategic funding round backed by Coinbase Ventures. (source)

ChainPortAnnounces the launch of the first custodian permissionless bridge to Cardano. (source)

CoinFund Announced its plans to raise another $250M to launch Seed IV fund for seed investments. (source)

DeribitLost $28M in a hot wallet hack. The exchange halted withdrawals as a result of the hack. (source)

Human ProtocolLaunched its first governance vote to build the Routing Protocol and add Wormhole integration. (source)

xHashtagIntroduced .soul domains, a destination to showcase your Soulbound Tokens and Web3 reputation. (source)MetaMaskPartnered with NFTBank to improve decision-making for NFT portfolio holders. (source)

SolendBecome the latest victim of a crypto hack that left the protocol in $1.26M worth of bad debt. (source)

MonsterGalaxyAnnounced the official release of the Monster Galaxy (P2E) Open Beta. (source)

MoneyGramAnnounced the launch of crypto purchases on its mobile app in partnership with Coinme. (source)