10 May 202415:38
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Crypto Events Recap, May 9-10

Crypto Events Recap, May 9-10

DWF Labs

Former Binance insider reported that Binance investigators uncovered $300M worth of wash trading from DWF during 2023.


Scheduled 4 hardforks on opBNB Testnet on May 15th between 6AM and 6:30AM UTC. Hardforks will bring 10x less gas cost on opBNB.


Announce the first 30K of Blast Gold distribution to community via ZAP Drops on May 17th. The rest will be distributed over the month.


Unveiled a partnership with azuro, infrastructure and liquidity layer for predictions and games, for co-sponsored grants for developers.


Announced launch on OKX Jumpstart on May 13th at 6:00 AM UTC. The maximum staking limit per person is 4,000 TON.

Degen Distillery

Partnered with Google to pioneer the 'social distribution' of spirits through NFTs. The collab will help with Cloud credits, tech support.


Launched a Zeely campaign with social, product, and website quizzes and a $7,500 prize pool worth of HYD up for grabs.


Flow Traders has initiated an additional $10M USDC loan pool on Clearpool Prime, its credit marketplace on Optimism.

Nyan Heroes

Unveiled a collaboration with Shrapnel and SuperVerseDAO.

Ekubo Protocol

Dropped out an EKUBO Airdrop claim page.


APRS has been listed on Bitget in the Innovation and GameFi zones.


Annouunced the closure of $7 million Pre-A funding round.