08 May 202313:07
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Crypto Events Recap, May 6-8

Crypto Events Recap, May 6-8

PepeClimbed past $1B in market cap, pushing it into the Top 50 most valuable crypto. (source)

LiechtensteinLiechtenstein’s government plans to accept Bitcoin for payments. (source)

AaveAave DAO passes the proposal to deploy on the Ethereum layer 2 Metis Network. (source)

FediHas raised $17M in a bid to 'Accelerate the Adoption of Bitcoin and Lightning'. (source)

Interlay LabsTo release a new BRC-21 standard for minting/redeeming tokens on the Bitcoin network. (source)

DeloitteHas integrated blockchain technology for digital credentials. (source)

DEUS FinanceLost over $6M due to a security breach on its stablecoin DEI on the BNB Chain. (source)

Casper NetworkBuilt an open-source NFT project where users can build dApp and contribute to the code. (source)

BullieverseAcquired Beyond Gaming Guild to expand its presence in the Indian market. (source)

CredefiHas launched an updated website 2.0 with enhanced UI/UX. (source)