05 May 202313:01
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Crypto Events Recap, May 4-5

Crypto Events Recap, May 4-5

Alibaba CloudBuilt a launchpad for businesses to rapidly deploy metaverses on Avalanche. (source)

ChronosAttracted over $250 million onto the platform in two days after it introduced staking. (source)

BNP ParibasPromoting the use of China's digital yuan by linking wallets to bank accounts. (source)

PrimexReleased Beta 0.4.0 with Swap routing, Test PMX launch, and Liquidity mining features. (source)

AlchemyReleased a public version of its platform for Starknet allowing developers to use its infrastructure. (source)

XDEFI WalletAnnounced Cosmos Month. Plans to unveil support for 10 different Cosmos chains. (source)

Palm NFT StudioRolled out the Palm Generative Art Maker, a tool to help creators mint generative art collections. (source)

SushiSwapLaunches V3 of its liquidity pools across 13 blockchain networks. (source)

Trust WalletAnnounced plans to launch support for Sui Network soon. (source)

Sidus HeroesLaunched farming pools with ~100% APR (500% APR if you own Genesis NFT). (source)