26 May 202311:43
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Crypto Events Recap, May 25-26

Crypto Events Recap, May 25-26

ArchwayAnnounced ARCH token sale via the Coinlist platform on June 15th. (source)

Nakamoto GamesIntroduced Stake2Mint Concept where users stake NAKA tokens to mint in-game assets. (source)

StablyAnnounced the launch of USD as the First BRC20 Stablecoin. (source)

The UnfetteredTrender Software, developers of The Unfettered, became an official PlayStation partner. (source)

Marlin ProtocolIntroduced LQDPool, a liquid staking protocol that’s built on Marlin's Oyster. (source)

CircleAnnounced the launch of the euro-backed stablecoin on Avalanche. (source)

HuobiLaunches Huobi HK exchange for Hong Kong users. (source)

Ledger LiveAnnounced the integration of Layer2 solutions Arbitrum and Optimism. (source)

BinanceLaunched NFT loans feature on its NFT marketplace. (source)

Wombex FinancePartnered with PearDAO and launched WMX trading on Pool Pear P2P Marketplace. (source)

Visa and MicrosoftWill be participating in the upcoming Brazilian CBDC pilot project. (source)

AnkrPartnered with Mirage, a Web3 gaming platform. (source)