25 May 202213:41
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Crypto events recap, May 24-25

Crypto events recap, May 24-25

CoinbaseCoinbase becomes the first crypto company to enter the Fortune 500. (source)

ADDXDigital securities platform ADDX closed a $58M pre-Series B funding round. (source)

SandboxCoincheck, the largest crypto trading service in Japan, becomes the first Japanese exchange service to list SAND. (source)

Coinbase WalletAdded BNB Chain and Avalanche to its list of supported networks. (source)

FlowcarbonClosed $70M in a funding round led by a16z to develop a protocol that tokenizes carbon credits. (source)

Victoria VRRelease of closed Alpha where users will explore the Big Market VR including the Shooting Range and a mini-game area. (source)

DoppelRaised a $5M seed round. led by FTX Ventures and followed by Polygon Studios, OpenSea Ventures, Dapper Labs, etc.. (source)

AxelarAnnounced the launch of its AXL token on July 14th with 1B $AXL in total at the genesis block. (source)

Uno ReUno Re has partnered with Router Protocol to provide staking pool coverage and help ensure the security of staked funds. (source)

MetamaskAnnounced an integration with Coinbase Pay to ease crypto payments. Coinbase Pay will be now available for integration into Metamask's dapps. (source)

Babel FinanceCrypto Lender has closed an $80M funding round led by Jeneration Capital and 10T Holdings valued at $2 billion. (source)

a16zAnnounced a $4.5B fund for crypto and blockchain startups. (source)

TerraDo Kwon's plan to rebirth the Terra blockchain gets approved. In total, 65.5% of votes supported the proposal. (source)

AvalancheSubmits Subnet Proposal for ApeCoin DAO’s Metaverse migration to Avalanche. (source)