24 May 202313:34
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Crypto Events Recap, May 23-24

Crypto Events Recap, May 23-24

SolanaLaunched ChatGPT plug-in to help users interact with its network. (source)

LedgerPostponed release of key recovery service after public criticism. (source)

FusionistLaunched Fusionist Beta Testing Event Phase 1. (source)

The UnfetteredSOULS token has been initially listed on Gate.io, MEXC Global, and Quickswap. (source)

Sidus HeroesLaunched one of its products “Xenna” from the Sidus universe in Google Play Store. (source)

CosmosIntegrated ICS-721 standard to enable cross-chain NFT tracking and transfers. (source)

ClayStackAnnounced the upcoming launch of its Ethereum liquid staking solution. (source)

SynthetixSynthetix founder wants to buyback and burn around $230M worth of SNX. (source)

STEPNAnnounced the integration of ApplePay as a new payment gateway. (source)

RippleAnnounced plan to utilize $1 billion cash reserves for company expansion. (source)

OKXLaunched a Web3 wallet for Ordinals (BRC-20 tokens). (source)

DashBlockchain has been stopped after a failed hard fork update. (source)