13 May 202417:50
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Crypto Events Recap, May 11-13

Crypto Events Recap, May 11-13


Postponed its CARV Node Sale to May 24th for Whitelisted users and to May 28th for the public participants.


Synthetix founder Kain Warwick launches Infinex, a web that unifies decentralized finance apps into a single user-friendly layer.

KIP Protocol

Launched its Node Sale on Samurai Starter. Total Nodes for Sale - 200 (57 Sold - 28.5%).

Node price - $620 USDC.


Conducted its BB token launch on multiple exchanges. BB current price - $0.4675. Market Capitalization - $192.21M.

Shadow War

Announced the Genesis NFT Free Mint with access to the next mint event, 2x in-game rewards, and airdrop utility.


Surpassed 1 Million Transactions via V1 Mystiko SDK and launched Carnival campaign with 65 Airdrop Discord Roles and USDT rewards.


Listed on Tokero Exchange under TADA/USDT trading pair. TADA token price - $0.128. Market Capitalization - $7,662,592.

RWA Inc.

Announced a partnership with nuco.cloud to leverage their infrastructure to improve the tokenization process.