29 Mar 202314:00
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Crypto Events Recap, March 28-29

Crypto Events Recap, March 28-29

European ParliamentVoted in favor of the anti-money laundering regulation. Since now DAOs, NFT and DeFi platforms will be subject to the AML rules – they will be obliged to conduct due diligence checks on all their customers and report suspicious transactions to the authorities. (source)

Binance and Changpeng ZhaoSued by CFTC over trading & derivative violations. (source)

ChilizAnnounced the launch of its new CC2 native L1 blockchain to publicity on May 10th. (source)

IOTA FoundationReleased Shimmer Public Test Chain ahead of native Ethereum Virtual Machine launch. (source)

ItheumJoined Cointelegraph Accelerator Program to democratize data ownership. (source)

DexterThe Interchain DEX for Yield-Generating Assets went live on the Persistence Core-1 chain. (source)

Universal PicturesLaunches a web3 game and sweepstakes using the Aptos blockchain. (source)

Voyager DigitalVoyager Digital’s Sale to Binance.US has been halted by District Court. (source)

CircleAnnounced the launch of USDC on Cosmos blockchain soon. (source)

OthersideIntroduced Legends of the Mara, a collection-based 2D strategy game. (source)

SafemoonSafemoon token liquidity pool (LP) was drained of nearly $9 million worth of tokens. (source)