22 Mar 202418:50
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Crypto Events Recap, March 21-22

Crypto Events Recap, March 21-22


Facilitated trades for over 1.8T dollars. The DEX also surpassed the 200K daily active users.

Venom Network

Layer 0 blockchain to be listed on OKX on March 25th at 8:00 UTC. Deposits are now live.


Google now shows Ethereum Name Service wallet balances in search results.

Guild of Guardians

Announced official global release of the Guild of Guardian official global release on May 15th.


Exchange terminates services in India, and asks users to withdraw funds by April 30th.


Launches Its Tokenized Fund, BUIDL (Institutional Liquidity Fund) on the Ethereum Network.

Oriole Insights

Unveiled Public Beta launch of its prediction platform that goes live on March 27th.


Will be a key infrastructure provider for BlackRock and Securitize Tokenized Fund.