15 Mar 202314:50
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Crypto Events Recap, March 14-15

Crypto Events Recap, March 14-15

FilecoinLaunched Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) on Mainnet. (source)

ItheumLaunched Panacare DAO: a Data Coalition DAO in healthcare technology. (source)

Coin98 LabsIntroduced Dagora, its multichain NFT marketplace aiming to make NFTs accessible to everyone. (source)

Cosmos HubReleased Replicated Security, allowing other chains in its ecosystem to lean on its network security. (source)

ClearpoolAnnounced the launch of Portofino Technologies borrowing pool on the Ethereum marketplace. (source)

Unstoppable DomainsCreated the domain ending .polygon in partnership with Polygon Labs. (source)

CoinbaseAnnounced plans to deploy Uniswap and Aave on its L2 blockchain Base. (source)

HalbornDiscovered Zero-Day Vulnerabilities impacting Dogecoin and over 280 other networks. (source)

dYdXThe community has passed a governance vote to reduce transaction rewards by 45%. (source)

European ParliamentPassed the bill requiring smart contracts to include a kill switch. (source)

CNHCRaised $10 million in Series A+ funding led by KuCoin Ventures. (source)

OneRareAnnounced a partnership with Maggi India and joint launch of exclusive NFT drop. (source)