13 Mar 202416:46
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Crypto Events Recap, March 12-13

Crypto Events Recap, March 12-13


Announced the launch of two new ecosystem tokens in the summer as part of the "Endgame: Launch Season" event.

Hedgehog Protocol

Unveiled the article featuring the details of its Modular Synthetic Blockspace hinting at the upcoming Testnet.

BeFi Labs

Joined forces with Portal, the trust-minimized, Layer 2 cross-chain swaps that involve no bridges, custody, or wrapping.


Released a major update introducing MBS staking, upgraded tokenomics, enhancements to the ecosystem, and much more


Delayed the launch of Multipliers until 1 April, at the same time as the launch of wallet delegation.


Experienced a breach in wallet access on BNB Chain resulting in a $1.4M withdrawal by attacker.

Sugar Kingdom Odyssey

Announced the upcoming SKO token IDO on BRCStarter that will take place on March 25th.

Shadow War

Unveiled plans to hold its first exclusive session of the game with the Wolves DAO.


Announced ISP token quarterly token burn that will take place on March 15th.


Announced a major partnership with Fireblocks and DWF Labs.


NFT marketplace on Solana has introduced the TNSR token.


Hinted the upcoming MPC token listing on multiple exchanges.