01 Apr 202417:57
Project update
Crypto Events Recap, March 30 - April 1

Crypto Events Recap, March 30 - April 1


Launches Trading Titans Contest on Galxe with 800,000 esMP tokens in rewards. Campaign is live till April 12th.


Will host public testnet event in collab with bitCow. The testnet event is closely tied to the bitSmiley and bitCow airdrop.


Joined hands with Mocaverse to giveaway 300 guaranteed and 10000 waitlist codes to support the MOCA Public Sale.


Integrates Ceffu’s MirrorX solution to support its execution of arbitrage strategies with off-exchange settlement.

Runes Terminal

Partnered with Mintlayer to advance the BTC DeFi trough its DEX and UTXO-based blockchain.

AIT Protocol

Announced a partnership with zkHive to provide computing power to Einstein-AIT subnet.

Sharpe AI

Unveiled a partnership with Paradex integrating its real-time perpetual data into the Sharpe.

Aether Games

Announced a partnership with Creo Engine to enhance values and utilities for AEG/CREO tokens.