01 Jul 202213:21
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Crypto events recap, June 30 - July 1

Crypto events recap, June 30 - July 1

Axelar Announced that it will conduct initial AXL token distribution on September 14th. (source)

dotmoovs Launched SNEAKERS collection renting feature in its app. (source)

FacebookBegan testing Ethereum and Polygon NFTs on profiles. (source)

Grayscale Announced that it initiates lawsuit against the SEC. (source)

Plato Farm Launched a liquidity premium trading campaign on the LAAS platform Arc Finance. (source)

Polylastic Conducted Burning Event and permanently burned 207,542,109 POLX. (source)

Lithium Finance Launched Public Testnet of its revolutionary pricing solution. (source)

Ontology Launched Anniversary Carnival to celebrate four years since its MainNet launch. (source)

OpenSea Suffered a data breach after an employee at its email delivery partner leaked user data. (source)

BinanceAnnounced that Khaby Lame becomes its new brand ambassador. (source)

Gamium Introduced Gamium World Exhibit virtual showroom. (source)

QuixoticLargest NFT Marketplace on Optimism has been exploited, allowing a hacker to steal approved ERC-20 tokens. (source)

OP CryptoLaunched a $100M fund to back early-stage crypto VCs. (source)

EUEuropean Union reached agreement on final landmark crypto regulation. (source)

MoHashRaised $6M in the seed funding round led by Sequoia and Quona. (source)